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Busting Coupon Myths

Folks make many excuses not to use coupons, and most of them make sense at first. These are a handful of the most common myths associated with coupons that I have personally proven to be false.

"Clipping coupons takes too much time."

Some people feel overwhelmed by the idea of spending hours clipping and sorting coupons. Oh what they don't know--you can gain anywhere from $1-$100 in your grocery budget that week for just an hour or two of clipping.

"Cents-off coupons can't help me save money."

Yes, they can, even if your store does not double or triple. Just using 10 $.50 coupons in each weekly grocery trip winds up saving you $260 each year. And, if they double, $520. That $260 can cover homeowner's insurance for some, and for me, $520 just falls short of paying my six-month auto insurance policy. And, using coupons this casually is not time consuming at all. I bet if I were handing you an extra $260-$520 this year, you would take the cash, wouldn't you?

"There are never coupons for items I buy."

If you are looking and paying attention, you can most CERTAINLY find coupons for items you do buy, or will buy. My mother in law gets two sets of inserts every week, but she buys certain things (she is only shopping for two) and can't use them all up-- even for items she DOES buy! So be sure to clip every coupon you MAY use, even if you don't need that item right this second. And, it's necessary when trying to save money on groceries to flex a little bit, and do a little bit of digging. From using Coupon DeDe, I am able to have access to coupons that I'm not recieving from my local paper.

Note: I had to edit this a little bit because I realized I didn't proofread it and it sounded rude. Sorry for those who read the earlier version and felt it was abrasive--That's not where my heart was at when I wrote this! :)