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CVS 3/25

I got nervous today when I went to CVS and found that the Colgate's that matched my coupon were sold out. But, I asked the cashier and she said she would try to put it through anyway on one that wasn't listed on the Q, and lo and behold, it worked! I basically followed the Scenerio listed in my matchups section, but my numbers guesses were a little bit off.
Transaction 1:

Colgate Toothpaste $3.99
Used $1/1 Coupon
Total Including tax: $3.23
Got back $3.99 ECBs

Transaction 2:

Vo5 Conditioner ($.77)
Vo5 Shampoo ($.77)
Pampers Cruisers ($8.97)
Used $2/$10 purchase Used $3.99 Colgate ECBs Used $2/any Pampers

Total OOP: $3.03
Got back $3.00 ECBs for next week

I also got two $1 coupons for CVS skincare and shampoo items from the kiosk. I was excited because last time I scanned my card, I didn't get anything. But for a total of $6.26 OOP, I feel like I did pretty good. I realized I could've bought other filler items for a lower total, but shampoo is more useful than a pack of gum or something like that and the price was pretty low. I am starting to learn that I will have to do a few runs that are so-so before I start getting enough ECBs to roll from week to week.