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CVS 5/11

This week, I had planned to get the Schick Hydro, as many probably did since there was a $5/1 SS coupon. But I went to a different CVS than my usual store, and they were completely out. I was actually very disappointed that nothing was properly labelled for the sales and the store was a complete wreck. To boot, the cashier was very unpleasant when I let her know (politely). Even though I wasn't able to get the razor, here's how I made out:

2 CVS 40ct Sheer Bandaids $1.00
2 Right Guard Deodorants $2.49 ea.
1 Crest Pro Health Rinse $3.50
1 Mitchum Women's Deodorant $2.99

Coupons Used:

$1/2 CVS brand First Aid Products (from the kiosk)
$3/2 Right Guard Printable (from last week)
$.75/1 Mitchum deodorant from 5/9 Smart Source
$6.00 ECBs

Total OOP: $3.17
Received $8.50 in ECBs

I could have done better if I had a coupon for the mouthwash, but the ECBs I had covered a portion of that so I still felt it was a pretty sweet deal as I made $5.33 on this deal.

One tip I learned this week is that even if you have planned your trip in advance, make sure you carry your sale flyer with you. This isn't the first time where the sales and ECB deals haven't been properly marked, and the mess people make can make it easy to grab the wrong thing. I have had to do a return before with a toothbrush that was placed in the wrong slot. Even if it seems obvious you are trying to do and ECB deal, the cashier just plain does not care and isn't going to let you know it's the wrong item, it's your responsibility to make sure you have the correct items. And, have your sale flyer with you at the front and watch the prices to make sure it's done correctly. Don't feel bad double-checking your receipt before you leave, either.