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Returning After a Long Break

I am almost ashamed to look at the date of my last post (not including the Freebie I just posted today) but I do know it's been a long time since I've posted. Summer has been incredibly busy for me. With two small kids and a part time job, that's definitely a lot, but we've also had family reunions, a bridal shower, various summer get togethers, a birthday party and a week long vacation. Toss in the fact that I was ten days without my usual computer (due to spilling coffee across my laptop) just before leaving and needless to say, there just hasn't been time for blogging.

My father in law actually landed a sweet laptop for me, so now I'm officially back. It was pretty lucky that I ruined my computer before he left his job because this one was completely free. How that works, I'm not really sure, and I'm a little concerned about having a "Property Of" sticker on the top. However, I know that he was allowed to take it, otherwise, my father in law is the complete opposite of the type of person I thought he was!

If anyone (hopefully) is still reading, please stick with me because I'm sure you'll be thrilled about what's coming along!