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The $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge

I have to admit, I'm not sticking to a strict grocery budget. Nope, I'm not practicing what I preach. The reason why has been because right now, the money is "there" because of our tax refund and that I've been finding killer deals I can't pass up. However, I'm going to start my new budget starting this week.

Yes, you read it right, I'm going to be spending a strict $30 each week. I do need to point out however that for the time being, we receive WIC, so I'm not needing to buy bread, eggs, milk, cheese, cereal, peanut butter, beans, or much produce. However, if I was, I'd be buying these items either with coupons or at Aldi and would only be adding about $10 to my weekly budget. This is for two adults and a toddler boy, but he often eats the same portion as we do. I'd assume to need at minimum $15 per week per adult and $10 per week per child totalling $40 for us for the time being. So if you're interested in attempting this same challenge, keep in mind that I'm playing a game to keep it around that amount and I'm convinced it can be done. This might be harder for some families and might not even be necessary, but for how long I've been couponing I don't think it'll be that hard. I've been keeping it well under $50/week lately, but that has included nonfood items as well.

When I post in my Recent Deals section I'll also be tracking my weekly progress. I'm hoping to never go over budget and keep it well under $30. I haven't decided yet what will happen to the leftover money at the end of each week. I am thinking I will use it to pay off credit card debt, as will any "extra" money from our other variable expenses each month. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated!