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Making Your Own Bisquick

I have to be totally honest here: I rely on Bisquick to make a ton of things "homemade". Not long ago, I had a $.60/1 coupon that doubled and made the 40oz box $1.65 when used on the full price. It was $.20 cheaper than the store brand version. I've noticed that this size rarely goes on sale so to me I felt it was worth it, since I use it to make pancakes, biscuits, muffins, pizza crust and a few times for cinnamon rolls. There's also tons of Bisquick cookbooks, too. While using Bisquick is cheaper than mixes or ready-made dough from the store, I realized two things: It's not quite as healthy, and it's just not as good as "scratch".

A friend at my church actually grew up in a bakery and makes everything from scratch and she's an incredible cook. And if she's reading this and knows I am talking about her she would laugh, because I always tell her she is amazing and she laughs modestly, but her food is INCREDIBLE! She has taught pie and bread baking classes that I've attended so it isn't that I don't know how, but it's time consuming! So I went on a hunt to find a good homemade baking mix recipe, and I JUST found it over at Hillbilly Housewife. I plan on giving it a try. I can't see that she's posted the cost comparison on this, so when I try it out I'll track it all and compare, along with an update on how well it works!