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Yard Sale 4/30

My neighborhood had a huge community yard sale, today and tomorrow. I wanted to participate but they don't allow us to have yard sales at our townhome and unfortunately we hadn't gotten to know our neighbors well enough. I am wondering if it's an annual thing and if so, I have gotten to know a new friend in our neighborhood that would probably let us get in on it with her next year!

My mom and I took the kids out this morning, and we had a blast. My husband and I are considering going out tomorrow to see what's left. It's not always the best time, but you never know.

Here's what I got:

6 Carter's Onesies 9-12 month size $.50/3= $1.00
1 Carter's sleeper 9 months size $1.00
1 Old Navy White t-shirt $.50
2 24 month size dresses w/ bottoms asst'd labels, $.25 each piece=$1.00 (one with tags still on)
1 Easter Dress 24 month size, with roses $1.00
1 two piece dress set, never worn $1.00
3 pairs of shoes, one Osh Kosh, one Faded Glory and one Okie-Dokie $1.00 each ($3.00)
1 Hurley T-shirt for my husband $2.00 (not pictured)

Total: $10.50

My top tips for Yard Saling:

1. Don't expect too much. If you go with a long list in your head of what you want to find, you might miss good deals on other things.

2. Be picky. If the item is so-so, don't convince yourself to buy something just because it's a quarter. They are selling it because they don't like it or can't use it, so don't buy things that will make it into your yard sale next year.

3. Negotiate the price. Today, I felt the prices were reasonable. Remember, they are trying to get rid of their stuff but hoping to make as much cash as possible. It's hard enough to find someone to come along willing to buy your stuff, and they will probably take a lower offer so as not to risk having to load it back into their garage or basement.

4. Don't buy damaged items thinking you can fix it. If clothing is stained, or a toy is missing a piece, don't think you can take it hope and improve it. Again, you don't know why they're selling the item. They might have tried to get the stain out and couldn't, or tried to fix the toy and couldn't. It's only a deal if it's in great condition!

5. Be willing to dig. You're not at a store where everything that's there is out for you to see. Sometimes the good stuff is in the bottom of the bin. I know it can be awkward to have the person holding the sale watching you like a hawk from their lawn chair, hoping you will buy all those items you are stacking to the side. I actually had a woman hop up and help me dig to find things I liked and I wound up with two never-worn dresses, even though all the stuff on top was faded and worn, it was WORTH standing there digging like a goofus to get a good deal!