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Martin's 4/10

(Cold Items aren't pictured)

I've been going at the end of the week lately and I know that's probably frustrating to read about a good deal it's too late to get, BUT hopefully some of the strategies I used will be helpful since the most deeply discounted items I bought this time weren't on sale but were at considerably low prices. I also learned a few new coupon lessons this week that are somewhat helpful. Here's the breakdown of my trip to Martin's:

(Prices Regular/Sale/Price After Coupons)
3 Tuna/Hamburger Helper's $1.89/$1/$.50 ea.
Used $.75/3 doubled
1 Betty Crocker Warm Delight $1.59/$.09
Used $.75/1 doubled
2 Dial 3 bar packs $2.39/$1.69
Used 2 $.35/1 doubled
2 Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce $1.39/$1
1 Pampers size 5 @ $6.74 (clearance)/$4.74
Used $2/1
2 Snuggle Exhilarations 32 load $3.75/ $.75
Used 2 $3/1
11 boxes Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta $1.39/$.29 ea
Used 11 $.55/1 doubled
1 Giant brand Spaghetti $1.15/$1.00/FREE WYB 2 Hunt's sauce
1 Guaranteed Value 80ct baby wipes $1.49
1 Gualtney Turkey Franks $1.89/$1.50
1 Land O Lakes Spread $1.99/Would have been $.99 but I realized later I forgot to hand the coupon to the cashier!
1 Yoplait Yo Crunch 4 pack $2.59/$2.29/$.79
Used 1 $.75/1 doubled
1 Pure Power Latex Glovs $4.15/$1.00
1 Chapstick $1.49/$1.00

Total Before Savings: $61.35
Total Sales Savings: $8.93
Total Coupon Savings: $27.15
Total OOP: $25.72

I ran into a few issues. For one thing, I forgot to hand in my Land O Lakes coupon, so my total would have been down to $24.72. The only reason I bought that when not on sale was because of my husband's repeated complaints about Olivio. So that was really in my opinon $2 completely wasted, but at least I won't have to go hunting down more butter coupons anytime soon.

The second issue was that I originally grabbed the wrong Pampers pack, and paid $8.99. The only reason they were on clearance is because of the packaging change. The only ones that are VERY DEEPLY discounted are size 6, and premies, due to the fact that these aren't popular sizes. However, I have just started noticing them on clearance so you may still be able to catch a good deal on diapers.

Another issue I have been in debate about, that I will talk about more in my WalMart post, is using coupons that have a higher value than the price of the item, or, that double past the value. Policies in different stores vary and I need to do some research on that one.

At any rate, I still felt like this trip was a great deal. I now have a fantastic stockpile of pasta, and whole wheat at that!